Minds For Eternity
The Ultimate Mind Makeover Experience.
It Really Is All About M.E.

It's Your Time


You know who you are . . .


You’ve just about had it with living small and being surrounded by even smaller minds when, deep down, you know you were all created to be more and do more!


You’re tired of feeling trapped in toxic life and work situations that are not compatible with who you are and where you want to go ... 


You're tired of struggling with your self-worth and doubting your capabilities on the inside, while allowing others, the economy, racism, discrimination, politics and pandemics to determine the direction of your personal life, your business or organization and even your spiritual life ...


You are the sum total of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Your family, team, organization, country and the world will be a reflection of you and how you show up in it!

NOW more than ever before, you need that reflection to be the best it can be - for yourself, your family, your community and quite frankly, the world. 

Ready For Your Ultimate Mind Makeover?

  • What if you stopped hiding your pain, took off your mask and just lived authentically?
  • What if you shifted the focus away from the externals and traditional trappings of 'success', and focused on pandemic, recession and life proof metrics of success instead?
  • What if you courageously made decisions with life's ultimate end game in mind?
  • What if you had 24/7 lifetime access to the most powerful mind in the universe?
  • What if you had a sustainable step-by-step framework to help you do all this, and more?

Ready For The Ultimate Mind Makeover?

I'm on a mission to change the way people think - one mind at a time! Whether you're an influencer, leader, coach, entrepreneur an individual or an organization, you know it's time for sustainable change.  The Ultimate Mind Makeover provides a framework that enables you to live more authentically, courageously! Yes, you can have those tough conversations with yourself . . . and with others. Yes, you can get the clarity you're looking for to make your next move. The Framework also empowers you to live an extraordinary life of purpose and positive impact by learning how to leverage your mind and why it will make all the difference in your every day life.

At a time of global crises, ambiguity and fear, I have curated a Mind Makeover experience like none other. Minds For Eternity draws on Neuroscience and Biblical wisdom to educate, transform and empower.

The Minds For Eternity Program provides you with a sustainable framework to detox the 'messy' personal, professional and spiritual areas of your life - ALL of them  . . . 

Allow me to walk beside you on the most transformative journey of your life to date. Let me give you the tools you've been looking for to detox the stresses and toxins of your past, conquer the insanity of your 'here and now', so you can fearlessly face and re-frame the extraordinary future you were created to live.



Here's What You'll Learn . . .


√  Discover what your most valuable asset is and why there is a battle for it. 
√  Learn what a Mind For Eternity is and why you should care.
√  Connect the dots to discover the life-changing Framework for The Ultimate Mind Makeover.


  Learn the fundamental elements of the first step in the Mind Makeover Framework, the ‘Mess’. 
√  Discover the importance of having the right ‘Mindset’ that's necessary for the Mind Makeover to actually take place.
√  Learn why it is important to have a plan of action to guide you through The Ultimate Mind Makeover process.


√  Learn why it is so important to go through a Mind Makeover Inventory. 
√  Understand what's required for the Mind Makeover Inventory to be effective. 
√  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water Learn how to make sense of the information revealed in the inventory.


√  Understand why taking action NOW is so important. 
√  Learn the one thing you must do NOW that's essential to see results. 
√  Learn why your connections matter! 


√  Learn the number one thing that's critical for a successful MIND detox.
  Know what to avoid and why during the MIND detox.
√  Be empowered to live a little 'lighter' and do so with authenticity & confidence.


  Learn the importance of staying plugged in to sustain your Mind Makeover.
√  Dive into the simple but critical neuroscience principles you'll need to sustain your Makeover transformation. 
  Experience the secret sauce that's guaranteed to keep your Mind Makeover fresh and in tip top condition.


√  Learn what a Mind Makeover can do for your Personal life.
√   Find out what a Mind Makeover can do for your Professional life. 
 Experience what a Mind Makeover can do for  your Spiritual life.

Ready For The Ultimate Mind Makeover?


"Minds For Eternity was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track and put my priorities back in line"


"Minds For Eternity showed me that fixing a problem is easier than putting it off. I obtained a strategy to be successful"


"Minds for Eternity is a game changer!” "


"Minds For Eternity left me speechless."


"Minds For Eternity was extremely practical. Now I can take each step in the blueprint and work on my personal, professional and spiritual life"


"By applying the principles in Minds For Eternity, I found that anything is possible"


"Before Minds For Eternity I lived with fear and tension pretty much all the time. I felt inadequate in the jobs I had and was afraid to take on new challenges. I didn't think I was good enough . . . Nw after taking this course, the fears have dissipated and I'm no longer in unhealthy jobs or personal relationships. I have stopped grasping at crumbs and instead of feeling dread, I now have hope which has been formed by learning to reframe my thought patterns. I would recommend Minds For Eternity to anyone who wants to enhance their spiritual, professional and personal life."

Silvia Saldano

Ready For The Ultimate Mind Makeover?


Do I need to have a neuroscience background?

No, you do not need to know neuroscience. While Minds For Eternity deals with a profound subject matter, it is not complicated. Anyone can follow and apply the simple, step-by-step Minds For Eternity Framework.

Does the Minds For Eternity Framework only apply to certain areas of your life?

No, the Minds For Eternity Framework© works for any area of your personal. professional or spiritual life with ‘game changing’ results every time.

Isn’t the Bible and science incompatible?

The Bible has timeless wisdom about your mind and how it is possible to renew it. Interestingly, in recent years, neuroscience research appears to have caught up with what Biblical wisdom says about the mind. For example, neuroscience now recognizes neuro-plasticity, the ability to change the way you think and create new neuro-pathways. The Bible has always taught that is really is possible to 'renew your mind' which is essentially what "The Ultimate Mind Makeover" is all about but with the neuroscience very much in tow!

Minds For Eternity does not involve any effort on my part, right?

Wrong. Minds For Eternity is not magic.  You will need to actually complete any assignments and or worksheets, listen to the specially 'paired' music for each lesson and apply the framework principles. A little elbow grease goes a long way - you will get what you put in - and then some! 

Will Minds For Eternity help in my situation?

Yes and No. If you apply the information, strategies and follow the step-by-step process you WILL get results in any area of your life, just like so many others who have taken the course. However, if you do not go through the modules and lessons and do the assignments, you will not get to experience the amazing life changing transformation that so many others have experienced in ALL areas of their life.

Can I make payments for the Minds For Eternity Course?

Yes! When you invest in Minds For Eternity, there are payment options so you  can choose the one that works best for you.

What's the Refund Policy?

I created every section of Minds For Eternity, so I have absolutely no doubt that it will blow your mind and give you the tools you need to experience The Ultimate Mind Makeover in your personal, professional and spiritual life. AND, that’s why I’m so happy to stand behind it and make this decision a 'no brainer' for you. If you join the program and show that you have completed all the modules and assignments, but you don’t experience any results 90-days of completing the course, I will refund your investment. Simple and easy. 

Ready For The Ultimate Mind Makeover?


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