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It happens every year around December time, without fail.

You know the drill . . . First of all, it's that time when, clearly as never before, sobriety sets in and you realize that there are only approximately 13 days left in what was supposed to be 'all year long' - stress on 'long'.

Second of all, you suddenly have an overwhelming epiphany that, superpowers notwithstanding, you can't humanly do 10 months worth of work in 13 days. It's just not going to happen.  Or, is it? Who said anything about 'human'?

Thirdly, and probably most pressing for you right now, your thoughts quickly flash forward to the madness that the next 7 days may bring ... Last minute preoccupation with making sure your gift and to do list for the holiday is all checked off. 

Today, I went through 'the drill' myself but when I got to the third one, I realized, with great relief, might I add, that this year, I am so NOT preoccupied with checking off a 'gift' list for the holiday season at all. This year has been different. Very different.

1. There have been some uber shifts in my personal life such as coming to terms with my mother being moved from her own home into a nursing facility while I am living thousands of miles away and not being there to make a difference to the outcome. My takeaway: While I may not be able to control an external situation, I do have full control over how I respond to the situation and how I allow it to impact me. A gift.

2. Then there have been professional shifts such as launching Minds For Eternity as an Online Course that provides incredible life-changing Mind Makeovers for people no matter where in the world they may live. I did this while visiting my mother in England in the summer and let me tell you, everything that could go wrong from a technology standpoint, went wrong. I really couldn't make it up if I tried. BUT, I kept moving forward, one day at a time and I was able to overcome the obstacles. While I'm not going to lie and tell you that I didn't get wet on this journey, I can tell you that during the whole process I always stood on 'solid' ground! Takeaway: When you are surrounded by oceans of obstacles on every side, be courageous, stay focused and put your foot in the water. Know that one by one, each obstacle will have no choice but to evaporate out of your way so you can get to your destination on solid ground.  A gift.

3. There have also been shifts in the spiritual part of my life. I have experienced, at a much deeper level, what it really means to 'prove' God in EVERYTHING. My faith has been challenged and tested to the point where I am more confident than ever in God's power to supply ALL of our needs. When you step out of your comfort zone and do what God has asked you to do, don't worry whether something or someone will come to your aid at a time when you feel you need help most. My Takeaway: Be still and recognize this point in your life is a divine moment in time at which God - the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills, has been eagerly awaiting your arrival. He will take care of you. A gift.

Why not take a moment and look back at 2018. What have been some of the shifts you have gone through in your own personal, professional and spiritual life? What were your takeaways? Consider each takeaway to be a 'gift' in its own right. Now see yourself as having being Gifted by every one of your priceless takeaways. These are priceless gifts that you cannot buy. They only come with certain experiences that bring wisdom and a new perspective.

The good news is, with the remaining 13 days of 2018, there's still time to experience the life-changing shifts that you've been wanting to make all year long. If you have been holding out, for whatever reason, just know that today is the perfect day to give trade the traditional 'gift list' for the priceless gift of being 'Gifted' instead! You are so worth it!

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend more money on Christmas gifts this year, $720.89 billion to be precise, than they did in 2017, $717.45 billion. 55% of Adults, on average, are expected to spend at least $1,000 on gifts this year. Gifts that for the most part, will not leave the recipient "Gifted.'




"You're blessed when you get your inside world - your mind and heart - put right. Then you can see God in the outside world." Matthew 5:8 MSG

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