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Uncategorized Mar 27, 2020

Community S.P.R.E.A.D


If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that we are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. From the masked masses of humanity, anxious autocrats and stressed out state systems to emaciated economies, every corner of the globe is reeling.

We are at a moment in time when levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and suicides are sharply on the rise. People everywhere are concerned about what tomorrow holds for them and their families, their communities and their country. Stress is at an all time high as the world grapples with an invisible, yet deadly enemy.

In recent weeks, we have been exposed to a whole new set of vocabulary and experiences that people have had to quickly become familiar. There is ‘social distancing’, ‘COVID-19’, ‘coronavirus’, ‘lockdown’, ‘shelter in place’, ‘nonessential services’, ‘panic buying’ and ‘pandemic’ to name a few. But I’d like to focus for a minute on ‘community spread, which is the spread of a contagious disease to individuals in a particular geographic location.

In the case of COVID-19, community spread is now how most cases are being transmitted from one person to the next. However, there's GOOD NEWS, Community Spread doesn’t have to be a negative thing anymore. You can make it into something very positive that will help you to better navigate the uncharted waters swirling around you.

I get it if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or helpless, it’s totally understandable, but know that ‘this too shall pass.’ "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but love and power and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7. The thing is, when you’re stressed and anxious, your immune system becomes weak and you become more susceptible to illness.

While it may not be in your power to create a vaccine for COVID-19, or any other virus for that matter, there are some things that you can do. Did you know that it's within your power to boost your own immune system?

Here are a few strategies you can start using today to do just that and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. If you implement them, you can actually take advantage of the situation you are in right now and be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually at the end of the day!

Always remember, “Anything that works against you can work for you once you learn the principle of reverse.” Maya Angelou

Imagine what would happen if you engaged in the kind of Community S.P.R.E.A.D that boosts immune systems . . . and calms your state of mind . . . what if this idea went viral and everyone committed to doing this:

SShare Some Sunshine - lean on your spiritual anchors, claim Bible promises, engage in some good humor, do an act of kindness for someone else, like call an elderly person who is shut in.

PPractice Positive Perspective – meditation, managing your emotions.

RRemember to Rest – get enough sleep, allow your brain the time it needs to clear out all the junk and fears, take a break from things and people that tire and wear you down, switch off your electronics an hour before you sleep, rest in the knowledge that God is in control.

EEngage in Exercise Everyday – physical, mental and spiritual exercise or rituals.

AAccess Abundant Air – get outside; if it’s safe to do so, open a window, breath deeply to calm your self down, get more O2 into your blood stream and into your brain.

D - Disease Defying Diet -You are what you eat, choose high nutrient foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and lots of water.

In times of uncertainty, this is the kind of Community SPREAD that is needed. There is something you can do to fight not just COVID -19 but anything that causes you fear and anxiety. You can engage positive Community SPREAD by sharing this information with everyone you know - make #SPREAD go viral today! This variety of Community SPREAD will boost your immune system, reduce your stress level and give you hope and peace of mind for the future in these troubled times.

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Stop stressing and check out some resources of HOPE to help you fully engage in positive Community SPREAD. To help yourself and others experience the SPREAD click here: #SPREAD

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