It Feels Really Weird . . .

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019

It feels really weird but I really enjoyed your mothers funeral . . . The words tingled in my ears in the same way that the first fork full of a good, not too spicy, biryani sets your tastebuds alight in anticipation of what is to come.

Several days after my mother's funeral on the 18th of April 2019, I called a relative to get some family information. After we greeted each other and before I could ask my questions, he just came out with it. "It feels really weird to say this, but I really enjoyed your mother's funeral. It didn't feel sad, it was inspiring and even, dare I say, fun! It feels wrong?"

I paused for a second to savor every syllable. I must admit I wasn't expecting him to say something like that, not least because it was such a classic contradiction of ideas to the ear.

However, after digesting what he was trying to say, I responded, "We planned it that way. Don't feel bad." And inadvertently, we really had. When planning my mother's funeral we wanted it to truly be a celebration of who she was and of her life . . . what a life it was!

My mother's life and legacy is nothing short of 'weird' in the most inspiring of ways. Her ability to overcome challenges, stand resolute and tall against all the odds yet be sunshine to so many in need, was indeed a beautiful yet weird phenomenon to behold.

Her life was full of these contradictions. Why would someone who had gone through so much always say "Keep a song in your heart and a prayer on your lips" to everyone she met . . . every time she met them?

How was it possible that someone who had so little material things in this world, be so uber-rich when it came to connecting with people, generosity, and empathy? Weird.

It didn't even make sense that someone who gave up their personal life's work so that those in their care could one day stand a chance of fulfilling theirs. Yet, in the end, she fulfilled her mission superbly. Weird. 

Well, do you know what? Sometimes, just sometimes, maybe we should feel weird, a little uncomfortable . . . in the nicest possible way, of course. How weird would it be to experience confidence when the expectation is for you to be fearful. What about being courageous enough to ask for the help you know you need even when there's a high chance you might be rejected? Weird. What if you stepped up and reached for your BIG dreams in the face of every sane person you know telling you that you were crazy, but you keep going? Weird and uncomfortable . . . 

Life can sometimes feel really weird. But you can take the sting out of it and 'plan it that way.' You can make the choice today to contradict the current trajectory of your life  . . . in the most positive way! 

Whatever is it that you are hiding from in your life, expose it. When the masses around you take a turn to the right, but you know you should be going left, take that lonely left turn. When you are afraid of your own potential to be all that God is calling you to be, choose to be 'weird' - in the most positive way possible.

Is there some area of your life that you know you should be making a positive change in but you're feeling a little doubtful or weird about it? Well, you're supposed to. Your brain was designed that way. It's a normal reaction but you don't have to let it derail you. The trick is not to get stuck there. Here are three things you can do when you get those 'weird' feelings:

1. Acknowledge how you are feeling. Say it out loud, if need be "It feels really weird." 

2. Remember, feelings (including the weird ones) are emotions, emotions are thoughts and thoughts can be changed. You can change a negative situation into a positive one.

3. Make an informed decision to either contradict or reinforce those 'weird' feelings in anticipation of the blessings to come that just may have the power to change the trajectory of your life.

It might feel really strange at first, but take it from me, you'll experience a tingling shift in your mind that will set your neurons alight in anticipation of the positive personal, professional and spiritual life changes to come.

So . . . maybe it was for good reason that a 'celebration of life' was planned that embodied my mother's warmth, goodness, joy, kindness, dignity, laughter, love, and faith. That it had the effect of making people feel 'weird', in the nicest possible way, is, to me, a priceless gift I will treasure forever.

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